Thursday, March 3, 2011

Women who behave rarely make history.

Look what I made!! It's going on my wall.. :) Very true saying... most of the time. The pattern is by Sue Hillis Designs. I didn't follow it to a tee though. I put only one rose on the hat and I got the pink colors messed up. See I started stiching thinking I had it all figured out with shell pink and very light shell pink and forgot there was supposed to be an ULTRA light shell pink so actually, all the pink is a mess.. but anyways.. it's on 14 count.

You can find this design and more on Some, like this one, come with little charms. (See the handcuffs up there.)

Some of these patterns are for sale (where I actually found and bought this pattern) at


  1. I love that quote!

  2. love it! awesome crossstitch!
    here's a link to a poster of the quote with names of women who made history behind it. my friend has it in her classroom. i have a magnet...

  3. Very cute - I especially love the little charm. And no one would have known about the pink if you hadn't mentioned it!!

  4. Ha, that's very cool!

    I wouldn't have known that the pink wasn't right except for the fact that you mentioned it!

  5. Tara, very good job. You are your worst critic....
    I like that, will look very good on the wall.