Saturday, March 5, 2011

Love whoo you are...

Look what I made today! A friendly and cute reminder that I am going to put by my mirror so everyday when I'm counting my flaws.. "Oh a zit! Oh a wrinkle! Oh a gray hair! Is my chin fat??" I can look at this little reminder and remember to simply love myself the way I am.

The kit came from Pine Mountain Designs. It's just a little less than 5"x5" total after framing so it's an easy one day project and best of all.. there's no backstitching!! YEA! AND another bonus in Pine Mountain's favor: they put good quality floss in their kits. There were hardly any knots. So many x stitch kits today come with cheap a** floss that tangles and knots constantly...

And that's all I wanted to share. Check out their website for yourself sometime: They also got a blog.


  1. i absolutely love your cross-stitch...especially this owl! :)

  2. That is an awesome reminder for your self. Love who you are is a perfect saying for you to remember. Good job as well. Thanks for sharing. Love the frame.