Thursday, May 16, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Chynna Lennox

Book: Twisted Ties
Author: Jim Cooper
Heroine: Chynna Lennox

The sexiest thing about Chynna is her confidence. Facing the trails she does, addiction recovery and new physical handicaps, she never lets go of her loyalty to her friends, her loved ones and the need to know the truth of the events that surround her. She's also sarcastic as hell and doesn't take crap from anyone.

"Chynna Lennox? A sleuth?? Yeah, right…"

Twisted TiesAn unlikely one, at best. It's not enough for a girl to stay sober, manage a rock band of eclectic musicians and keep limber behind the drumkit. But when she discovers DaKota Gibson, her lead guitarist and former lover, murdered, Chynna wants answers. She grudgingly turns to former boyslug and newspaper narcissist, Christian Snevley, to quietly snoop around, hoping to unmask DaKota's killer before Lead Detective Gralewski sticks Chynna with a murder charge and has her fitted for an orange jumpsuit.

But then Chynna's step-brother vanishes, a mysterious woman keeps appearing in all the wrong places and a near fatal accident leaves the snarky redhead with physical challenges she never imagined. Through the painful recovery process, friends new and old rally at her side. There's just one problem. The killer is still on the loose and Gralewski is waiting in the wings for her release. A true Scorpio remains undaunted and Chynna pushes herself closer to unmasking unimaginable secrets from DaKota's past, secrets that reveal a frightening web of Twisted Ties...

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