Monday, May 27, 2013

Wendiann Proteau Talks Online Relationships

Popular Jade Prency would never describe herself as beautiful. Amazonian and imperfect, she relied on humor and her ability to help others to find her place in the world. Believing tomorrow would always come; two words invade to twist her world. Illness becomes her personal battle. Grief is a process her soul must endure. Feeling separate and alone, she searches for a new way to cope. 

In today’s world, the internet has become the new best-friend as websites and chat-rooms offer anonymity and a place to escape from life’s struggles. Millions reach out around the world from the safety of their home. One in five relationships start online they say and for every success, I’m betting there are ten stories never to be repeated; they just don’t boast about that in the ads. What could possibly go wrong for Jade when she finally reaches out for understanding?

“Hon,” she whispered then looked away from him.

“Here it comes,” Brady said with a wide smile.


“Yes?” he prodded by poking her lightly in the back.

It’s now or never, she thought. Meeting his gaze she watched his reaction. “Would it be okay if I kiss you once?” His eyes showed a surprise, then warmth.

“You sure you want to?” He smiled at her.

I need to overcome this shyness, she thought. With her left hand supporting her, she moved closer. When they were inches apart she whispered, “I’ve been waiting a long time for this.” Her lips were almost touching his. “I’m pretty sure.” She watched his eyes darken, then closed her own and moved forward.

Brady remained perfectly still as her lips hesitantly grazed his lower, then upper lip. She felt the gentleness as he kissed her, his lips a silky softness.

His right hand at her lower back pulled her closer, while his left laced through her long hair and she started again, this time deepening the kiss. Her tongue entered his mouth as her fingers reached to his hair then slid to his chest. Lost in what she’d dreamt about many times, he was like a drug. Kiss him once…kiss him once…Jade thought as her tongue became aggressive and the warnings went off in her brain.

Have you ever engaged in an online relationship of any kind? How did that go?

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