Thursday, May 30, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Jane Doe

Book: Changing Tracks
Author: Sarah Cass
Heroine: Jane Doe

Imagine waking up in a world completely unfamiliar to you – without any knowledge of who you are, where you came from, or why you were near death from a beating. 

Jane Doe wakes up Dominion Falls in this exact state.  Her body is still recovering from surgery, and she can’t remember a thing about where she came from or who she is. Worse, the more she learns from people out of her past, the less she believes she was a wholly good person.

As her past life is fed to her in tiny morsels, Jane holds tight to an inner strength based on a firm belief in the person she is after the amnesia. Not that she’s perfect, on the contrary she makes mistakes, but she is always honest enough to own up to them once she realizes what she’s done.  She’s confesses to her imperfections and embraces them.

Jane is also rather open and confident in her sexuality—which in 1871 isn’t exactly the most popular behavior. Despite her openness, she feels no need to put it out on display. In crude terms she ‘dresses like a schoolmarm’, buttoned up and put together. Her self-confidence carries through no matter what she wears, or how she acts.

Through some difficult challenges Jane learns many lessons about herself, life, and the importance of being able to ask for help and support. Each of them makes her powerful, strong and confident—all of which add to her sex appeal.

Changing Tracks (Dominion Falls, #1)*~*


There’s nothing simple about forgetting your past.

Cole Mitchell runs the busiest saloon and brothel in Dominion Falls. He keeps his women at a distance, unwilling to relive a past he worked hard to forget.

Until the night Jane Doe falls into his saloon bleeding and near death. She wakes with no memory, only the firm belief someone tried to kill her. In the strange world of amnesia she manages to find solace in Cole’s arms and he finds home in hers.

While they work together to solve the mystery of her appearance, their pasts – her lack of, and his buried – build a barrier between them.

To make matters worse, Jane’s past isn’t willing to let her go. A stranger proves he’ll kill to keep his secrets safe. With those she loves in danger, Jane’s errant memory is all that stands between them and death. Cole can only do so much to protect her, will it be enough?

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  1. Hey Tara, I love the sound of Changing Tracks. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.