Saturday, May 11, 2013

Fast Love...Do You Buy It?

I've been noticing something. The romance e-book industry is very similar to the movies I like to watch on TCM, those old black-and-whites featuring Cary Grant, Greta Garbo, Bette Davis, William Powell...

I was watching one of my movies the other day (Double Indemnity) and it went like this:

Man knocks on door. Maid answers. Man sees attractive woman in background. They talk a few sentences of "Is your husband here? He needs to renew his car insurance." She comes downstairs, tells him to come back. He comes back. They talk about tea and insurance and that's it. Suddenly she is at his apartment and throwing herself in his arms, declaring how crazy she is for him.

This is not the movie I speak of, but he's been in a few of them.

What the hell? LOL

And e-books are the same way. FAST LOVE. and woman and woman talk...some sparks fly...his dick hardens in his pants...her face day later, they are madly in love...cannot live without each other.

Attraction is always instant and love soon follows, even for the men.

I'm the fence with this practice. As a reader, I do believe there should be some personal connection. I need to feel their love come off the page, but I don't want to read 500 pages of dialogue and skirting around each other. It takes a very talented author to convey love in a few pages, to show me their relationship has reached that level, truly.

As a writer, I don't like writing page after page of mundane dialogue.

As a TV watcher, I often snort and roll my eyes...and sometimes just delete the movie--unless it's a comedy, then it all just makes me laugh--as it should.

Anyone else noticed this? Thoughts?

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