Saturday, December 7, 2013

My Reading Radar (12/7/2013)

What hit the wishlist this week?

The Outlaws (Books We Love Western Suspense)The Outlaws by Jane Toombs. I think it used to be co-authored as I found an old PB on Goodreads, same title, same author with another writer, but can't be certain. I found this whilst browsing a romance author site for a contest.

After Billy the Kid and Mark Halloran rescue what’s left of the Nesbitt family from an Apache attack in the New Mexico Territory, the fate of the young daughter and the teen-age boy are sealed. Tessa’s attracted to Mark and Ezra suffers a severe cause of hero-worship over Billy, wanting to be just like him. Soon all of them are involved in the cruelest range war in the history of the West--the bloody Lincoln County war. How can Tessa protect her brother from trailing after Billy? And how can she be drawn to a man who is on the opposite side of this range war?


Women's WorkFound on Amazon and decided to read for certain after the author sent in a SSHW post. (Can't wait to share it with you!) Women's Work by Kari Aguila. Just read they synopsis and you'll see...

"So when most of the men were dead, women saw their chance to take over?" Kate searches her son's eyes as he asks this. "Not take over," she says. "Fix things." It wasn't hard to justify what the women had done since the end of the Last War. They rebuilt their bomb-out neighborhoods as best they could and tried to establish peace and gender equality. But small groups of men roam the country, viciously indicating that the pendulum may have swung too far. When a bedraggled man shows up on Kate's doorstep one night, will she risk everything to help him? Does he deserve her help?

Women's Work is set in a dystopic world in the Pacific Northwest, where women struggle to survive through sustenance farming, clever engineering, and a deeply rooted sisterhood. Kate and her family are lead through a journey from anger and fear to forgiveness and hope. It is a compelling story that challenges all of us to question traditional gender roles and to confront the fragility of love.


Granada GoldBecause I'm a huge fan of the TV show Isabel and I'll most likely see this girl "born" any day now during season two, this def hit the wishlist when I spotted it on NG. Granada Gold by S A Carney.

Granada Gold is based on the true story of young Juana Trastamara. During the Granada War, she befriends Lord Edmund Sales, commander of the English longbow archers fighting for Christian Spain. In 1492, Juana’s parents – Queen Isabel and King Fernando – defeat the Moors, expel the Jews, and send Columbus sailing across the Atlantic. These events shatter her tight-knit family. Rich with Moorish gold, the Trastamaras confront their deadly rivals, the Habsburgs. Juana’s arranged marriage to the womanising Habsburg duke, ‘Phillipe the Handsome’, is a personal disaster. Trapped in an increasingly abusive marriage, Juana has only one place to turn: England. Through Lord Sales, Juana meets Tudor King Henry VII, who falls deeply in love with her. The stage is set for international royal passion, betrayal, and death. Based on real historical characters, Granada Gold takes readers inside the world of the legendary Alhambra palace. SA Carney – an investigative historian – reveals newly-discovered twists in the Trastamara-Tudor-Habsburg family saga. This book will appeal to readers captivated by the Tudor era, fans of historical fiction, and lovers of adventure stories in exotic places.

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