Monday, December 30, 2013

Sink or Swim by Stacy Juba

First of all, I must say, this cover is somewhat misleading. It makes me think of pirates, ships, adventure. It made me feel that more of the novel would be dedicated to the reality show itself than actually was. Truth is, the show ends on the first page practically. The book itself is just a story about a woman being stalked and trying to figure out who is ruining her life. What starts as gifts becomes crazy notes and invasion of her life. Oh--the murders of two of her fellow contestants.

But it's fast paced, entertaining, and it kind of has a theme/moral. Don't think you can be famous, don't expect to be on TVs around the world every week, and not accept the repercussions, such as having your privacy invaded or in this case, picking up a stalker or two.

She'd bought fame for a price. She couldn't expect the world to have her money and esteem, yet have her privacy level remain the same.

I liked this. It was an entertaining read and only took a day, though it was a day off work. Every now and then it's nice to pick up something that doesn't take four days of your time. But I am disappointed there wasn't more of the reality show. I like reality TV in books, just don't watch them. Yes, I know, that's weird. LOL

However, I must say I really like the heroine though sometimes she's a bit dumb and acts too rashly, without thinking. She hated to be seen as a coward. When the press said she "ran away", she fought to prove them wrong. She faced her fears and the bad guy. She gets a gun and learns how to use it.

This is a strong n sexy heroine. She also doesn't need a man, though there is two men skirting around her, potential love interests, if she decides she wants them. She doesn't hesitate to push them away when she feels it's necessary or even draw a gun on one.

I also appreciated the moral about not getting sidetracked from your dreams/goals by insta-money/fame. That's an important thing to remember.

But I'm disappointed somewhat in whodunnit. I like some hints. I like to make a list of suspects as I read and there were no clues at all pointing to the real culprit. It just came out of nowhere. While I hate being able to figure it all out by page five, I like to at least be somewhere in the vicinity and with this, that wasn't possible.

I bought this on Amazon.

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