Monday, December 2, 2013

Sadie's Secret (The Secret Lives of Will Tucker #3) by Kathleen Y'Barbo

Sadie's Secret (The Secret Lives of Will Tucker, #3)A Pinterton agent who looked like a society girl. With the bearing of a princess and the deadly aim of a sharpshooter.

I looked forward to reading about a lady Pinkerton agent. Another point in the book's favor is I knew it would be sex free. But when I compare it to another recent Christian historical I read recently featuring a lady Pinkerton, Gunpowder Tea, this one falls short.

The premise is intriguing. She's a Pink. He's a British agent whose own twin brother pulled a switcharoo and had him take his place in jail for a year. When Sadie gets this agent out of jail, he wants revenge on his weasely brother, but throughout the story we're reminded that revenge is thine, not mine.

Regardless, long story short, these two put their minds and their wits together to track down the sorry excuse of a brother and an art-theft ring. Meanwhile, he needs to clear his name to get his job back and she's got to convince her family she can take care of herself.

It has all the potential of being a great read. BUT I had a difficult time with it. I grew quite bored, not because of lack of action, but the way it's all told. There's a serious lack of emotion in this writing. We're told Sadie grabs her gun and in the blink of an eye shoots a snake dead. Great. But it's literally a sentence. What does she FEEL? Nothing?

The other thing that ruined this story for me is her parents/family. They are so protective of her, they stalk her, follow her around, meddle in her cases, yet they throw her at available suitor that comes their way. They are so desperate to marry her off, they don't seem to care who it is. Yet they have her followed to make sure she's safe? Maybe it's just, but this made no sense and began to bother me after a while.

For me, in the end, this became a miss. The lack of emotion and the annoying parents--I bailed when they tricked her into accepting a marriage proposal and she dealt with it like the robot she is throughout the novel--just really hurt what otherwise would have been a great tale.

I received this from Netgalley.

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