Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Fall, Series One

Where to start? First of all, I see some similarities in this heroine and Prime Suspect's. Both are kick-rear women who see what they want and obtain it, being men or serial killers.

Both are leading detectives or in this case, DCIs, and like PS, we don't get to know the heroine all that well. This leads me to an issue I had with this series. The heroine has no personality at all. What makes her mad? What makes her sad? What drives her? We literally learn nothing about this woman at all in five hours. Which is sad, as I'm a fan of Gillian Anderson and I must say, this is such a drastic change from her character in X-Files...she's def a good actress. If she was told to play a bad-butt woman with no personality, she aced it.

In a nutshell: Gillian plays a lady DCI trying to track down a serial strangler of women. He targets brunettes, successful women, single. He poses them, takes mementos, shows no remorse for his acts...except in one instance. And this is not a whodunit. You know whodunit from the get-go. It's a family guy, a man with a daughter!! It's disturbing and it makes one think of how just about anybody can be a sociopath and we don't know it. He's even a psychiatrist, albeit I don't think a very good one.

The heroine...again, all I can say about her is she's tough, which is a good thing though I still wish I'd learned more about her personally. She surprised me. She told a reporter to...blank off. LOL. She approached a random cop she thought was good looking and just rattled off her room number and hotel name for  a "sweet" night. Ballsy.

But that brings to another complaint. Why is it TV portrays every single strong or tough woman as promiscuous?

Though I must applaud her for her comment about how when a man f*cks woman, man subject, f*cks verb, woman object, that's ok, but when it's woman subject, man object, it's not ok. That was a total WOW moment for me and probably my favorite my part.

Anyway, in five hours, we see 3 women murdered and one put in a coma. We get to know the killer, his double life, his family, his children. I know more about the killer than the detective herself. We see little slip-ups and clues...

I was on the edge of my seat...but then...the season conclusion. She's on to him and yet he's driving away...and that's it. UGH. I was hoping when I agreed to review this that this particular case would be resolved and a new season would bring in a new case...I guess I should stick to Law & Order, eh? Every case resolved in one hour.


Anyway, I liked it, but hated the lack of personality, didn't care for the inconclusion, and question why confidence in a woman must always mean having sex with men she doesn't know.

OH--and I loved the motorcycle-riding pathologist lady. Hope to see more of her.

I received this via Amazon Vine.

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