Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Countdown: Egypt

Time for my second installment of Countdown! What it is: A list of 5 books of a certain topic, subject, or setting, one book being a 5 star read (Superb!), one book being a four star read (Very good), one being a three star read (OK), one being a two star read (I didn't like it) and of course, a very bad one star read (I hated it!).

The subject of the month: Egypt.

Five star read:
Zenobia by Haley Elizabeth Garwood. First published in 2005, it is the fourth installment of Garwood's Warrior Queen series. One does not have to read them in order tho. This installment is about Zenobia (duh), queen of Palmyria in the 260s AD. (What is now Egypt) She fought the Romans and struggled to keep the throne for her sons. There is romance, war, and plenty of strong women in this one.

Four star read:
Nefertiti by Michelle Moran. First published in 2007 (at least my paperback copy was). It's the tale of Egypt's famous Nefertiti told from the viewpoint of her younger sister, Mutny. Great book. The only reason it didn't get a five from me was Nefertiti comes off more as a bi polar hollywood starlet than a queen. Always having her bust done and ignoring the needs of her kingdom. I loved Mutny tho.

Three star read:
Virgins of Paradise by Barbara Wood. First published in 1989. Great look at women in Islam. Full of family scandal and secrets. Great writing style. My problem was one of the main characters, Amira. She got on my nerves so bad.. one of those characters you want to jump in the book to slap around. Unfortuneately, she had a HUGE role in the book.

Two star read:
Hand of Isis by Jo Graham. Published in 2009. It's a sequel to the same author's Black Ships, which I did not read. It's about Cleopatra and told from the viewpoint of one of her ladies in waiting. Just more of the same.. Cleopatra having lots of sex. Her women having lots of sex... They sleep with anybody that serves their purpose.

One Star read:
The Woman Who Would Be Pharoah by William Klein. Published in 2009. Picture a modern day hotel heriess (I'm not naming names) running around half naked, having wild sex, doing table dances, and making fun of her fiance's manhood in ancient Egypt. And I got nothing against little people, but the copulating dwarves in here... OH. MY. GOSH.

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