Sunday, September 26, 2010

Warrior Girl by Pauline Chandler

Warrior Girl: A Novel of Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc... glorified mascot or truly a holy messenger?  One thing I loved about this book is it allows you to decide.  Though about one of the most religious women in history, I never felt her talking to angels nor her messages from god were being shoved down my throat.  (I'm remembering An Army of Angels by Pamela Marcantel and not in a fond way.  That book just made Joan of Arc seem crazy.)

Yes, she is talking to angels in this book, but the novel is told from the viewpoint of her cousin Marianne so it's not a looney first person narrative.  That just doesn't work with Joan of Arc.  Marianne accompanies Jehanne on her quest to liberate the people of France and crown the rightful king. 

Upon approaching De Baudricourt about leading his army, Jehanne is told:

"..if your're to lead an army!  What did you imagine it would involve? Cheering them on from the sidelines?  Bathing their hurts with vinegar water?  Patting their hands and telling them everything would be different after a good night's sleep?"

So Jehanne and Marianne both don armour and learn to fight and they shed blood, sometimes their own in battle.  Jehanne and the captains butt head numerous times.  The Captains say to wait.. follow logic.. blah blah..  Jehanne says that god says "Avance!!"  (Attack!!)

Courageous or stupid, however way you look at it, Jehanne was just what France needed during that time.

Meanwhile, Marianne (Did I mention she was mute?  Another intriguing story there.)  has her own mystery going on irrelevant to Jehanne.  Her father was an important man to who died when she was a baby and left her a wealthy estate, but with her mother dead, she is struggling to keep the estate from her evil uncle.  It all depends on a ring seal and her ability to hold on to it.

The ending was lovely.  I thought it superb.

Favorite quote:  Jehanne is dictating a letter to the English,

"...abandon your forts and go back where you belong.  If you fail to do this, I, Jehanne de Pucelle, will make such brouhaha as will be remembered forever."


I got this book from the library.

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  1. Another great book that I would have never known about if I didn't follow your reviews! Very nice review, as always.