Friday, September 17, 2010

Corrag by Susan Fletcher

This read like one big monologue broken every now and then by a man's letters to his wife. The monologue is narrated by Corrag (her mother's name was Cora and she was called a hag, thus the combo), the heroine of the story. Tho monologue is about geese, witches, her mother, her mare, moss men, pretty much whatever comes to Corrag's mind.

You think this is about the battle of Glencoe and the massacre of the MacDonald clan?

 You are in for a long wait. You must get thru all the monologue I mentioned above till you will learn of the battle in the last quarter or so. And be forewarned: there are no quotation marks. (I have an ARC, but I have a bad feeling it is just one of those books..) It's almost impossible to tell if Corrag is talking to herself, talking to Charles (whom wants to know her story), or just thinking to herself.

Even tho this is an arc, there was a quote in here that I can't resist posting. It may be changed before publication, but here goes: "I know how my talking can be. I was always  for going on and on-for saying so much a person's eyes grow fish-like, and dead."

I couldn't agree more. my eyes grew fish-like and dead while reading this.

But hey, so far, I'm the only one in the world who doesn't love it, so do give it a go and form your own opinion.

I found this article on the internet about the battle of Glencoe more interesting than the book:

I won this on Librarything.


  1. I with you on the whole no-quotation-marks thing. I find it annoying and it takes away from my reading and enjoyment.

  2. You were thinking you were really going to like this one, so it must have been a big disappointment. It sounded really interesting, too bad it wasn't.

  3. Man, I have run across the no quotation marks thing once before in a civil war novel called Enemy Women. It ruins everything for me. LOL

    Susan, I was SUPER excited about this one and yes, I'm very disappointed. :*(