Saturday, September 11, 2010

Pudgy's Post

Hi! I'm Pudgy Pug. My mommy has mentioned me a few times... This is my mommy's blog. Well she is off on her strange machine moving her legs around in circles and going nowhere (I don't rightly see the point) right now and my daddy is busy doing his college crap (whatever that is) and I have watched my mommy on the computer enough (she is on here all the barking time!) to think I got the doggone gist of it so... we be bloggin!

I know this is supposed to be about those clumps of paper (tasty!!) that my mommy is always carrying around, but hopefully she won't notice...

Here's what I did today. My grandma Janet sent me a package full of treats and doggy breakfast food (LOVE the bacon! WOOF!) and she also put some stuff in the box (I really like that box.. throw a blanket in there and I got me a real decent little bed.) for my mommy. Well, when my mommy wasn't looking, I decided to play dress up with the scarf that was sent for my mommy. See, I was able to paw it off the dining room table where my mommy left it. (Duh, mommy!!!) Well, I look so pawsitively doglightful, I had to share my pug mug shots.

Here is me posing as Goldilocks
Here is me ready to go shopping in my Jeep Wrangler with the top off! Don't want to mess up my hair!
Oh geez. My sister, Lola has to get her stinky anal glands involved in everything.. Here she is pretending to be that Sheerazade lady from something called Arabian Nights. What the bark? I think she has been reading my mommy's books when she steals my mommy's lap. Grrr!

If you are a doggy talent agent, I will work for treats! I gotta go now! I don't hear my mommy's machine anymore!


  1. LOL that is so cute. I love that story. It really makes one wonder what they do think of all the things in our life. I wish I had these pictures a week ago there was a contest on facebook for cutest pet and these would have been perfect for it.

  2. I knew your girls are talented, but I didn't know Pudgy could write, too. You'd better watch out for her -- I think she's trying to take over your job.

  3. Pudgy says "arf, arf!" That translates to "thank you!"