Friday, September 24, 2010

Angelina (An Unauthorized Biography) by Andrew Morton

First of all, I'm reviewing the book, not the woman herself.  I didn't love the book for a couple of reasons.  A.  It's hard to say what is fact and what is fiction.  This book really doesn't say anything good about Angelina Jolie.  I find it hard to believe she is ALL bad.  Thus, it had a tabloid feel here and there.  B.  TOO much crap about her parents.  The first quarter of the book was about Jon Voight and Marcheline's messy divorce and his leaving her for another woman more into "free love".  If the book is accurate, Angelina's mother pretty much brainwashed her into hating her father.  The guy never had a chance..

Some interesting stuff I learned from the book: 

Angelina's paternal grandmother was burried in a red bikini with a set of golf clubs in the casket.

When filming Tomb Raider, Angelina was on a curfew.  I guess they really wanted to make sure she behaved.  She was a heroin addict at the time.

At one point in her life, Angelina was shuffling five lovers (This is what the book has me believing.. I don't know for sure!!)  Mick Jagger, Johnny Lee Miller, Jenny the Calvin Klein model, Tim Hutton, and Billy Bob.

And apparently, Billy Bob was engaged to Laura Dern when he married Angie in Vegas.  I know this is normal behavior for Hollywood.. BUT Laura Dern actually babysat Angelina when she was a kid.  This just seems wrong!

I could go on but I risk sounding like a tabloid myself.  Something funny tho:  When they were casting for Beyond Borders, Kevin Costner was supposed to be the lead, Angelina's on screen love interest.  But Angelina supposedly said that he was too old for her.  He was the same age as her husband Billy Bob at that time.   LOL

Basically, this book makes Angelina out to be a home wrecker, a heroin addict, and tho the book did acknowledge her humanitarian work, it made it sound like she was replacing one addiction with another.  Replacing heroin with charity work... replacing men with kids...

Again, I'm judging the book, not the woman, but the book kinda left a bad taste in my mouth.  Even if all this stuff is true (and I'm not denying it cause I don't know) there has got to be something good about this woman.  The author seemed to not like her much and by the time I hit page 275, I didn't like her either.  I bailed when it got to the Brangelina stuff.  The author made it very clear she was just "wrecking another home" so to speak. 

I'd like to hear her side of the story too.

Two stars.  This was a library book.


  1. Oh my gosh! I have read in articles in magazines and on the internet. I have read she was an addict and had some issues with hurting her self. I also heard that she has a sex video out there. I do not know what to believe any more. It is amazing that people can only find bad things to say about someone.
    I am sure there has to be some good things about this lady. It just baffles me that they only printed the bad stuff. People do change. Good review and thanks for sharing.

  2. I don't like "tell-all" biographies because it is so hard to know what is fact and what is just to sell books. Like you said, too much like tabloids. But the part where her grandmother is buried in a red bikini and with her gold clubs -- that is funny!