Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Unidentified Redhead by Alice Clayton

This is about a struggling actress, Grace.  She's in her early thirties, recently lost a lot of weight, re entered the acting business after a brief period of giving it up, and is feeling fabulous about herself while living with her best friend and agent, Holly.  Holly introduces Grace to Jack, an actor about to become the next big hearthrob.  This dude has a British accent, looks to die for (I kept picturing Samantha's actor/model lover.. surely ya'll remember Sex and the City..), and despite the fact he has women falling at his feet, he takes an interest in Grace.

What follows is pictures on TMZ, catty remarks about Grace being nine years older than Jack, and lots and lots of bedroom antics..  In between romps in Holly's guest room, Grace manages to land a job on a Broadway musical... in New York.  Uh oh.  New relationship, women falling at his feet, 9 year age difference, and now a long distance thing is gonna happen.  What is going to become of Jack and Grace? 

What I loved:  The Hollywood setting and the heroine's funny narrative.  Here's an example:  After Grace first gets a whopper of a kiss from Jack, she attempts to drive home but her thoughts are not on the road.. "I found my chin somewhere in my lap and attempted to drive home.  I ran two stop signs and almost hit a pomeranian."

Wouldn't we all want to be kissed so well we can barely drive afterwords?? Wow.  Good book and I'm interested to see what becomes of this new relationship, but I would have preferred less sexual relations and more story so it doesn't hit the 5 star mark.  

Laugh out loud moment:  When Grace discovers she is going to be working closely with an ex boyfriend, she thinks, "I could be a professional.  A professional that wanted to remove his balls and wear them as earrings." 

I don't think that relationship ended well.

The book since I've read it has undergone a makeover and republication, but above, is the edition I read.

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