Sunday, October 17, 2010

Washington Avalanche 1910 by Cameron Dokey

Washington Avalanche, 1910 (Historical Romance)

In 1910, there was a train stop called Wellington (known today as Tye) and on Feb 23 of that year, record breaking snowfall hit the Cascade mountains surrounding it.  There was approximately a foot of snow every hour and up to 11 feet recorded in just one day.  Two trains, #25 (Fast Mail) and #27 (passengers) were on their way towards Seattle when the snowfall caused them to be trapped for nine days at Wellington.  The extreme weather resulted in an avalanche that took 96 victims.  Only 23 survived.  Is the heroine of this story, Ginny, going to be one of them?

Wellington before Avalanche

She is on #27, attempting to escape from her evil stepbrother in Spokane.  On this train, Ginny is rescued by Virginia, another young frightened woman.  How does Ginny thank her newfound friend?  Steals her boyfriend.  Yep.  What begins as a "harmless" exchange of names in order to "inspect" the unknown fiance of Virginia (whom she has never met, but just happens to be on this train as well) turns into "love at first sight" and ultimate betrayal.  You-know-what happens and I get that, but this Ginny gal takes things WAY too far and I found myself disgusted with her.  I mean, my gawd, let the real Virginia have some happiness for a change. 


Anyways, the book was really informative about the avalanche and what the passengers went thru, but there were far too many convenient coincidences for Ginny, and the heroine ended up being very unlikeable, and the ending... again, WAY too convenient for Ginny, but I'm not going to say why.  I just didn't like it at all.

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 This was a library book.

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