Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Pudgy Pages: Let's Talk Cars

I don't know if all you humans remember me, but I'm Pudgy.  This is my mommy's blog where she talks about all those clumps of paper she is always carrying around and going on and on about.  I know she talks about them a lot cause my daddy's eyes glaze over just so...  Well, I thought my mommy would be mad at me the last time I used this thing without permission, but she wasn't.  She actually gave me an extra cookie from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory!  I'm hoping to get another one!  

I want to talk about my new car!

Isn't it the woofiest thing?  It makes me yap for joy!  My mommy bought it for me on Amazon from some people called Fancy Lulu.  As you can see I have to share it with my sisters.  Bark it!  Grrrr.  But I'm a smart dog.  I got my mommy's magical plastic card with numbers on it and it will probably cost me one of my biscuits, but grrrr, there's a blue one on the way now!

Lola, get the bark out of my car!  Your smelly anal glands are stinking it up.  Now I gotta go find a tree freshner.  Do they make bacon scented? 

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  1. Oh so you ordered a Blue one for your self Pudgy? That is very smart of you. Do you think Lola will stay out of it then? I hope you don't get in trouble for using the plastic card.