Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Noble Pirates by R.L. Jean

I was totally blown away by this book.  I love pirates!!  I also love the heroine of this book, Sabrina.  She narrates the tale with spunk and sarcasm and humor.  She is on a "booze cruise" in 2009 when a storm hits and she finds herself bobbing in the ocean.  She is rescued by what she believes are pirate re enactors, but discovers she has floated right into the year 1718.  She goes from missing her personal hygiene items, her Blackberry, cotton underwear, mulitivitamins, and Lexapro... to making the most of her situation, dressing as a lad, and you could say becoming a pirate herself...  That is, after she shoots herself in the shoulder. 

 Well, the first noble pirate (also her rescuer) that she befriends is Edward England.  He's a nice enough bloke but doesn't rock her socks off.  As a matter of fact, he discards her when she becomes "burdensome" and shoots her herself.  Sabrina does not complain for long though as she is placed on a ship with an extremely sexy, funny, charming, and daring soon to be pirate, Howell Davis.  And I couldn't help but visualize this..

I couldn't resist.  (sigh)
There's a mutiny, imprisonment, ship after ship taken, fort takeovers, cutlass lessons, and increasing sexual tension between Sabrina and Davis once he realizes she is a woman.  The man is sexy enough to make Sabrina immune to the 1718 body odor she is surrounded by.  I also mentioned he is funny.  Here's an example and a laugh out loud moment:  (Davis is trying on some finery and pretending to be a dandy.)

"I am a gentleman, that is, a man of quality, and I do not kill my fleas of lice or other such vermin in the sight of others, nor do I bedew any man's face with my spittle.  I do not put my hands to any part of my person not usually discovered, and I do not shift myself in the sight of others."

BUT... Sabrina happened to have a book in her backpack whilst bobbing in the ocean and undergoing time travel phenoma, a book called "Rovers of the Sea," a biography of famous pirates and what happened to them.  According to her book, Davis is going to die within the year.  Can Sabrina change history?  Is meddling in history a good idea?  She can either keep him from his death or end up being the cause of it.  Which will it be?  Keep in mind, not all the pirates back then were noble.  There is bound to be trouble especially when Davis joins forces with two other pirate crews.

And the biggest question of all:  How can she go back to 2009????

Favorite quote:  "Pirates of the 18th century or frat boys of the 21st, men are all the same.  I watched as they whaled on each other playfully, full of bonhomie and boyish cockiness, like an undefeated high school football team.  They knew they were a powerful lot, and as such displayed a ridiculous amount of of arrogance together.  I found myself rolling my eyes on a number of occasions, wishing they would get over themselves already."


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  1. Sounds awesome! What a fun review! I'm adding it to my To-read list!

  2. This sounds like a great read. Great review and thanks for sharing it on your blog.