Friday, October 15, 2010

Giveaway And Review: Solid by Shelley Workinger

The term "military brat" gets a whole 'nother meaning in this YA "paranormal" novel.  You got a group of Army brats with a very interesting story.  When their mothers were pregnant, a crazy Army doctor managed to mess with their baby chromosomes.  The result:  A group of 95 teenagers that are super jocks or have the ability to make invisible walls, or make themselves invisible or star like. 

The secret comes out when all these Army babies are seventeen and they are sent to a secret camp so their ablilities can better be explored.  The narrator is Clio, short for Calliope.  Her dad was an Army soldier killed years ago.  She has felt like an outcast until now.  At the base camp she not only learns about her abilities, but makes friends.  There's Jack, Miranda (very annoying girl!!), Bliss, and Garrett.  All these friends start to realize there is more going on in the camp than meets the eye.  Why does the internet not work?  Why can't they call their parents?

I enjoyed the story and found it very plausible.  You never know nowadays!  LOVED the heroine and her sarcastic remarks.  My fave is when she discovers the medical building requires her to scan her finger before entering, " much for a place to run to in an emergency - you could bleed out trying to get in.  You'd really be screwed if the emgergency was a severed hand."

My only complaint:  The cool stuff with their abilities started late into the story and the ending was somewhat rushed.  However, there is a sequel to this, so I imagine it was done this way on purpose, to keep the reader in some suspense. 

I recieved this in ebook format from the author.  The author is also giving away a signed copy to a lucky winner on Halloween 10/31/2010.  Leave a comment with your email address to enter the contest. Good luck! :) (And as usual, winners will be chosen from Jazzy's dog bowl.)


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  2. OMG, I was on goodreads and read your comment and God!, this book looks so good. It's one of the most wanted books on my wishlist! I hope I have a chance to win!


  3. looks like fun. i, for one, would be proud to be chosen from the depths of jazzy's doggy bowl. if i win, please email me on goodreads so i don't expose my address to any extra spam. ;) danke.

  4. Great review! This one looks really good - I'm loving YA lately :)

  5. Awesome review; thanks for sharing.

  6. You know I'm wanting this, haha.

  7. This book looks so interesting! Please count me in~!


  8. I saw this book for the first time in the IN MY MAILBOX meme and now that I read the blurb it is going on my wishlist. Please add me - it looks awesome.

    baychriz at gmail dot com