Thursday, October 21, 2010

Adventures of a Love Investigator: 527 Naked Men and One Woman by Barbara Silkstone

527 Naked Men and One Woman: The Adventures of a Love Investigator
When I first saw the title of this book, I was scratching my head.. "Naked men?  527 of them?  Ew."  I couldn't stand 527 clothed men.  However, it's NOT about men without their clothes.  The term naked in this sense means "emotionally bared" as the men agree to sit down with Barbara and tell all; how they view women, sex, marriage, what is love, and would they die for their women?

The answers will surprise you.  As Barbara travels around the United States she meets all kinds of men.  There is the man that made her so uncomfortable she had the urge to run away.  There was the sports team manager who provided his wife with a child whenever she got emotionally clingy.  There is the man who had the strangest complaint:  "These girls will go out on my boat with me, take off all their clothes, make me have sex with them and then when we're done, tell me "I've got a boyfriend, forget it."  (I gotta give a shout out to my friend Doug.  I know he will love that quote.  Hi Doug!)

And does this make sense?  "It's not cheating.  I just want sex from someone other than my wife."

And is this a good reason to marry a woman?  "She's no looker but I don't have to worry about her running off with anyone.  No one else will ever have her."

And what kind of misunderstanding is this:  "The woman I've been living with for two years, she thinks we're involved in a serious relationship.  I think we've been having convenient, casual sex."

And how is this for a deep revelation?  "A man will rarely leave a woman unless and until he's already found another one to take him in.  It's their nature."

Do men really see us like this? "Women just put the fin down to one side and wear high necked blouses to hide the gill marks.  I can respect a survivor but not a shark."

Here's another one:  "Women are willing to invest their stock in your, and they'll trade sex for financial returns."

And one man actually gets it:  "A man should never take his woman for granted.  She'll slip through his hands like a spring breeze."

It's no wonder that Barbara who originally intended to interview 1000 men stopped at 527.  It got to this point.  "Did you ever pig out on one food... chocolate, potato chips, ice cream?  You swear you'll never eat that food again.  This was similar but worse.  The sound of a man's voice made my teeth rattle."

Well.. wow.  Good stuff.  Very insightful.  I could go on but I've quoted enough.  The book is not just interviews though.  Barbara also keeps thinking about her first love, Mark and begins a quest to find him.  If she finds him, will she have a chance at true love?  Will he be the man she remembers?  After all these emotionally naked men, will she be able to handle it?

Laugh out loud quote:  "Women are born with one side of their brain being the 'Get Engaged Lobe'.  The day after the wedding it turns into the 'Shopping and Nagging Lobe."

I recieved this in ebook format from the author.  I honestly DO recommend it. 

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  1. Thank you Tara. I'm glad you enjoyed the book.
    It was a long six years listening to those men .. talk and talk.

    The book is available on Kindle for only 99 cents. For those who want to see how their men stack up. :)