Thursday, September 13, 2012

Aviation Industry Oozes Sexuality

Yep, it does. When you have 2000 men and 100 women, you're going to have some high feelings of sexuality. As someone who worked in the industry 11 years, I saw it.

Some women thrive on the attention of men, love being at the center of it, get their tits done, wear sweatpants that crawl down their ass every time they do something, tantalizing all the men around them.

Some are truly feminists, there to kick ass and take names.

But that's just from a mechanic's perspective. The flight attendants see even more, and a new author, Telma Cortez, and telling all through a series of hot, erotic shorts. Allow me to introduce to you the Aerosexual Series.

No, I wasn't even asked to post this. I just came across these and immediately bought three of them and when the author posted her Aerosexual movie, decided to share. This is too cool. I love it. Anybody who is interested in aviation and likes to read erotic literature won't be disappointed.

You can find the books on Amazon.


  1. Wow, thanks for the superb review. Telma xxx

  2. i nominated you for a "booker" award if you are so inclined.
    and there are just too many comments to make about the squash...