Friday, September 28, 2012

Honor Among Thieves by Amy Gaertner

Honor Among ThievesA f/f romance, short story I picked up upon finding the publisher's site. Very attractive cover art, intriguing story line. A woman thief is undercover, working for a shady art collector, while planning to rob him one night and return the artifacts to the country they belong to. Meanwhile, a sexy reporter catches her eye, and she breaks all the rules to bed her, only to have everything go to hell...or does it?

One thing I'm really liking about the f/f romances I have been picking up is the fact there's a rarely a man swooping in to the save the day, but another woman! LOVE that.

It was well written with just the right amount of a suspense, keep me guessing moments. The sex was hot, though I could have done without the m/f part. Wasn't expecting it and was somewhat surprised.

All in all, it's a great treadmill book or before bed read. I enjoy picking up stories that tell you just what you need to know and don't natter on and on about irrelevant stuff. Four bikes.

I bought this on Amazon Kindle.


  1. How do i contact Amy Gaertner. Can i have his / her email id

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