Sunday, September 9, 2012

Concluding the Master Koda Virtual Blog Tour: What I Learned

I learned so much from the Master Koda Virtual Blog Tour. Wow. Where to start? First of all, it requires teamwork. If you don't like talking to people—even online—it's probably not for you. It requires swapping ideas, posts, trusting someone else to display your work properly. And it also provides the opportunity for growth and education.
When I had to post assignment two, about a song, I didn't want to just post a link to YouTube and send people away from my blog. That defeats the purpose. Thanks to the group, I was able to figure out how to put the video IN my post. I never would have been inspired to learn this if I hadn't been assigned this particular lady's post to host. LOL
Then the lovely and patient Tasha Turner taught me how to add those one click buttons at the bottom. This not only made it easier for people to repost/tweet/share all the Master Koda stuff, but also my other stuff. And I made some great friends. At first, I was like, "But I don't know these people!! I don't want to add them to my friend feed!" Well, some really became friends. I now talk story lines with them, discuss potential blog, promo stuff. One guy helped me with a Microsoft Word problem.
Overall, it was a learning experience and it got me more comfortable with talking to strangers on Facebook and just promoting, period. I also loved the topics I was forced to write and think about.
Oh, and I learned to PITCH my links. It helps to provide a tidbit of what I'm saying, gets people interested. :)
And that's what I learned from the Virtual Blog Tour. I encourage all you authors to try it for yourselves. :)


  1. Great post. We all learned techie stuff from each other. Thanks for joining us and sticking it out and finding ways to do the rough posts. You rocked the tour.

  2. Pitching is something I didn't include in my post but I agree, I definitely learned a lot about how to pitch my posts!

    It was great hosting & being hosted by you, Tara. Rock on!