Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Line Dedicated to Africa at Decadent Publishing

Decadent Publishing is starting a new line dedicated to Africa. Whether the African setting, culture, and/or concept, involving African and/or African-origin characters, or expats in Africa, this is the line that will bring the spotlight on this exotic, foreign world, in a twist with romance and sweep-you-off-your-feet storylines.

Headed by Zee Monodee (a long-time freelance editor and former senior editor of an e-publisher, as well as a native of Africa with a multicultural background), the line is set to launch in March 2013, and Decadent Publishing is looking for submissions to fill this lineup.
Here's the spec sheet for this submission call:

Africa... Land of the serengeti, of wide savannas, where exotic wild animals like giraffes stroll through your backyard— *sound of a screeching turn-disk*

If this is your idea of modern Africa, you’d be way off the mark! Come check out the stories from our Ubuntu line, and view contemporary Africa like you’ve never seen it before!

Ubuntu (“I am what Iam because of who we all are.”) embraces the notion of community, of roots, of spreading your arms open in welcome.

Our stories from the Ubuntu line reflect this philosophy, and take you to Africa to meet the people from that far-away, unknown-to-many land.

Take a peek at modern Africa. This is a world where, on the backdrop of the famine crisis in Darfur and Somalia, of political unrest in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo and Egypt, millions step into the global village and embrace the fast-paced life offered by technology and the Internet. Multinational companies have offices in many African capitals, opening the way for a slew of expatriates to settle in those countries, where the world’s biggest brand names like Hugo Boss and Lacoste are opening outlets.
Don’t also forget that Africa is not only the black continent – a handful of islands make up the African territory, as well. From minerals-rich Madagascar (and the land of Black Magic, still practiced to this day!) to tourist hot-spots like Mauritius, the Seychelles, and the Maldives islander culture opens up another world to exploit in your writing. And in the top, northern parts of Africa, meet the Arab world in the countries of the Maghreb (Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, among others).

With its rich history, Africa has native African clans and tribes, colonist white populations – British, French, and Afrikaners –Indian-origin people who emigrated as traders and/or indentured labor, Chinese people who came in as traders.

We want to see your stories set in any of these locations. Whether your characters are expats, foreigners on a visit, native Africans (of black, white, Indian, Chinese, Arab, etc, descent!), show us the true face of Africa as people experience it every day. Think The Joy Luck Club meets Out Of Africa – the former a story of generational conflict between immigrant mothers and their daughters brought up in their adopted country’s culture; the latter a sweeping saga on the backdrop of the African landscape, setting, and context. Give us both; give us either or; but give us something in and/or from Africa.

We are mainly looking for romance (especially Interracial/Multicultural stories! But all sub-genres are welcome), and will consider any storyline with a theme and/or location pertaining to Africa.

Heat level – no Heat ceiling for these stories. From Sweet to Sensual to Erotic, let the romance run the gamut. For Erotica, we still wish to see a solid, Africa-based/themed plot.

Length – up to 55K

Standard Decadent Publishing submissions rules and guidelines apply. A submissions form must be sent in with every manuscript; you can request the form at

When submitting, please mention “Ubuntu” in the subject line.

Any questions can be directed to Zee Monodee at the following address

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