Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's a Dog's Life by Dale Mayer

It’s a Dog’s LifeThis is one of the most delightful and funny books I've read in a long time. There were so many funny and sarcastic comments from Mosey, the basset hound...I almost highlight them all, but then realized I'd be sharing a quarter of the book with you. LOL

The story follows a timid heroine who is afraid she hears voices...dog's voices. Well, one particular dog's voice: Mosey's. When her new boss wants her to housesit and take care of his 6 dogs (plus Mosey) and two kittens for a weekend, she can't say no...not only because she seriously is trying to get over her discomfort with animals--she works in a vet's office now--but because the veterinarian, her boss, is HOT.

Sparks fly, sexy phone conversations happen, and Mosey drives Ninna nuts by chattering at her mentally all the time. To add to her anxiety, she's got a stalker and someone has been burglaring her neighborhood. Can the dogs--namely, can Mosey--keep her safe?

I really appreciate the realism of the heroine. She isn't perfect. She has anxiety, fears, has been on meds, needs to call her shrink, but in the end, she had the required gumption. I also LOVED the ending. It left me sitting there with my mouth hanging open in surprise.

Now, that is hard to do nowadays.

Five bikes. I received this book from Sizzling PR in exchange for an honest review.


  1. I read this, too, and had the same reaction. Loved it!

  2. This is on my Kindle. Obviously I need to move it into my queue.