Saturday, September 15, 2012

What's the first book you remember?

What's the first book you actually remember reading? Obviously, fair tales, that little tug boat that did amazing things or whatever, but what is the first solid book that you remember truly choosing to read, sitting down and enjoying word for word, and even maybe telling your parents about?

Remember? You were six, seven, eight...there was a book begged for THIS book. You got your greedy hands on it and halfway through, ran to tell mom and dad what so and so had done in the book. You stayed up late with a flashlight under the covers to read it when you were supposed to be sleeping...

That kind of book. What's the first one you remember?

Here's mine. I remember this from elementary. I remember getting it from the library. And I just may have snuck a flashlight under the covers. Sorry, dad. LOL


  1. Love this post!!! I remember these books too, they were awesome. Lol, Book fair!! You totally took me back to my childhood with this one. :D

  2. I think mine was Wind in the Willows. I remember being so proud of reading such a huge book. I don't know what edition it was but I do remember it was a very thick book which is somewhat surprising when I see how short a story it really is now!

  3. That's cute, Marg. True too. We look back now and laugh. I remember feeling Great Expectations was an accomplishment to read. I think we read that in junior high. I felt mighty important. Shyla, I loved book fairs! My parents hated them. Had to whip the checkbook out. LOL