Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stealing the Sheriff's Heart by L.B. Shire

Stealing the Sheriff's HeartThis is an exciting western novella. The beginning literally had me on the edge of my seat and a smile plastered to my face as the heroine robs a stagecoach and "shoulders squared, pistol cocked and ready at her hip," Amelia is ready to take on the world and the sexy sheriff to save her brother.

Corban is shocked to find the bandit--not a man!--is his sweetheart, Amelia. But perhaps this shocking turn of events is what the two need to make their lukewarm romance sizzling hot! Sometimes a couple just needs a good shove.

There's horses, shooting, wounds, and just plain orneriness from the spunky heroine as together, they try to save her brother and get to the bottom of just who wanted him abducted and why.

The writing and editing both are superb. Yes, I pay attention to that stuff. The scenes are well-set. The story moves at a great pace. My only quibble is the heroine in the end didn't match the heroine in the beginning. It was almost as if now that she had a man helping her, she didn't need to be so spunky.

I thought the ending, however, was super cute and sexy. I won't reveal what it is though. :)

Four bikes. I was given a copy of this by the author in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Sounds like a fun read. I like the turn on the usual take. Will have to add this to my growing TBR list.