Saturday, September 22, 2012

Some Enchanted Season by Patricia Burroughs

Some Enchanted SeasonAs I read the last page of this book, I was very moved by the message within. Overcome. Never give up. Don't let others stand in your way. It was something I've been needing to be reminded of.

The heroine is an artist who has a disability she's deeply self conscious about. She'd rather people not know it; not because she's ashamed, but she's tired of the looks and judging. As a woman with a disability, I could totally relate.

She meets the hero when she's searching for the perfect book cover model and ends up kidnapping a well-known football player. This was funny!

Rusty and Kevyn (Kevyn being the heroine) discover they have much in common. They were both bullied and made fun of growing up, Kevyn for her disability, Rusty for his ability to dance. The bullying carries repercussions for them both throughout their lives. Rusty barrels full speed ahead, nothing will stop him, not even a bum knee. Kevyn hides from the world.

I didn't like Kevyn at times. She was just weird. The cat, the candles, and at times, she was very self pitying. I also grew tired of her "You've had a life of privilege" crap. Sorry, but I gotta be honest. I really liked Rusty and his attitude though and loved watching these two grow individually as they became a couple, Rusty full speed ahead, Kevyn with reluctance and whining.

Their banter when they weren't arguing was great.

Him: "Damn. You look good."

Her: "I was going to say something similar. Expletives deleted."

Nevertheless, they hit a few spots like him endangering himself for a game, her not accepting his help with her problem 'cause she feels he can't accept her for the way she is...etc. But the ending was a strong message: Don't give up.

Favorite part: (edited so as not to reveal disability)

"Rusty, I'm normal. Not being able to **** is normal for me. It hasn't stopped me from doing anything that I wanted or needed to do. It's only when people make me feel not normal that all of the pain comes back and all of the old wounds open up."

Four bikes. I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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