Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Blood and Roses by A.K. Alexander

Blood and RosesEnter the world of high-stakes horse racing--where the stakes are so high, it's costing lives. But there is so much more to it than horse racing.

This being a mystery, I'm going to take care not to reveal too much. Let's just say just when you think you have it all figured out, another twist is thrown it, and even when it gets to the point you know WHOdunit, you don't necessarily know WHYtheydunit.

This is part of a series, but I didn't realize it 'til halfway through the book when it referred to a previous case. However, this book stands alone just fine. There were no endless details about prior cases, and there was no need for them, though the details about Holly's past were relevant for reasons I won't reveal.

Afghanistan, dead men walking, men framed for crimes, secret government agencies...it's so much more than what you find at the track and it all starts with what appear to be animal rights type crimes.

I appreciated the mystery though I did get lost and confused at moments. There are a lot of characters to keep track of. Who was the jockey or trainer and who did they work for when and yada yada. I almost had to take notes. I loved the revelation of the underhanded things going on in the stalls, though I was sad at the treatment of the horses. It was eye-opening, though.

I thought there could be/should be more emotion at times--namely when the heroine gets a surprise.

Favorite moment:
Her five-foot-five frame was no match for this guy. But her gun was, and she made sure he saw it as she moved her blazer just slightly off her hip.

Enjoyable read, however. Four bikes. I received an ARC of this via Amazon Vine.

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