Sunday, April 14, 2013

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries 1

This is a TV show that has it all.

History: It's the 1920s with flappers, fringe, and feathers, bobbed hair, red lipstick, and ciggie holders. The men wear hats and suits and it's scandalous to speak of "family planning".

Drama: There's no end. You have the lovely Phyne Fisher, wealthy socialite/self-proclaimed lady detective. As the series unfolds, there are tiny hints of a romance with the Inspector--a married man.

Meanwhile his constable is enamored with Dottie the maid, but he's Protestant and she's Catholic.

Sex: Phyrne is quite promiscuous. The first few episodes had me frowning. She bedded a new man almost everything episode--def too fast with the Russian Anarchist. Like, immediately upon meeting. I did love her Chinese beau though.

Romance: Phyrn promises herself to none, but as I said above, something is going on with the Inspector, but a man of honor, he won't renege on his wedding vows, even though his wife never appears to be in the picture.

Mystery: Each episode is a new crime. Russian shot dead. Accident in a factory. Bleach in place of insulin, milk that paralyzes people, carnival crimes, a dead pilot now walking, drama at her aunt's house, murder on a train. Phyrne gets in the middle of it all.

I enjoyed this immensely. I loved Phyrne, Dottie, and even the Butler (the fudge!!! omg!). There were, however, some moments I was too easily able to predict what was going to happen next. I turned to my husband and said, "Watch. He's going to throw her down the stairs now," and I was right. 

The last episode of this season totally made up for that though. I was on the edge of my seat as Phryne placed herself in the hands of a killer and her past began catch up with her. Superb!

Phyrne is a wonderfully strong woman, but goes too far at times to be realistic and the promiscuity was a turn off. I'd also like to know how she acquired all her wealth because her childhood flashbacks show her as a dirty street urchin so where did the wealthy aunt come in and all these seemingly endless funds?

Great clothing too!

Four bikes. Acorn can't get season two on dvd fast enough for me. I got this from Amazon Vine.


  1. I am so glad that this series is now going to be available overseas now! It was such a success when it showed here last year and I am eagerly awaiting season 2 which I believe is being filmed here.

    If I remember correctly, the wealth came from the fact that the original heirs to the family fortune were all killed during the war leaving the wealth to the poor relatives.

  2. I somehow missed that or it just flew over my head. Thanks for letting me know. I guess I have to wait even longer for the second series, if it's just now being filmed!

  3. Tara, this series is based on a series of novels by Kerry Greenwood. The background about Phryne Fisher's family appears in the first one, Cocaine Blues, which is the best among the Phryne Fisher novels that I've read.

    1. I have it on my kindle!!! I just haven't read it yet. I never heard of her before. It wasn't till I got my hands on this series that I looked up the author.

  4. In the US, and waiting for season 2 impatiently.

    1. So am I, Barbara! It's being aired in AU right now. The first episode was this week. So..hopefully Acorn has it on DVD next spring. I'm trying to stay on top of it by following the FB page.

  5. I should have also added, GREAT clothing.