Sunday, April 28, 2013

Falling for You (Reality TV Romances) by Heather Thurmeier

Falling for YouI don't watch much reality TV--only Ink Master and a few car shows, but I love reading about these shows. I can't compare this to the Bachelor cause I haven't seen it, but this was neat. It had a unique twist too.

Cassidy doesn't fall for the "bachelor", but a cameraman! Her very own cameraman who follows her around. And the man she's "dating" on national TV is her ex-boyfriend! I loved this. I also loved the look into "behind the scenes", what it's probably like: wearing voice boxes, cameras in the bedroom, cameramen walking backwards.

There are challenges and I thought it was interesting that they weren't really about what Brad liked/who Brad (the bachelor) was, but all things they felt viewers would enjoy. There's jealousy. The cameraman gets jealous cause his new girl is smooching the bachelor. The women get jealous of each other. Drama!

The ending was surprising..I confess I was doubtful that Cassidy and Evan were getting away with what they were doing...I mean, you have four cameras in your BEDROOM. Someone is bound to notice you've gone into the adjoining room and not come out til morning. LOL. BUT I wasn't expecting it the way it was played out. Thumbs up for surprising me. It was a terrific ending and romantic.

There were oddball times I wondered if Cassidy was having feelings for Brad again too. It did sorta of keep me guessing. 

Quibbles: I'd have liked more interaction with the other contestants. I didn't fall in love with Paige as viewers did. There wasn't enough of her. I didn't get this "we're best friends" probably because the interaction btw them was supposedly happening, just not on the page. Some parts felt rushed, like more could have been done. Cassidy has an intense fear of water...but isn't the least scared when she falls into a river. I thought that was strange.

But those are little things. Overall the book was good. It was FUN. I've had one of those weeks when I've disliked everything I picked up, but this one, I smiled, chuckled along, and read till the end. I'll be reading book two and I'm looking forward to it.

Four bikes.

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