Friday, April 19, 2013

Review & Spotlight: Intrepid Daniel Weckerly

What parent of a ten-year-old daughter can resist her fervent pleas for a dog? Especially when her young life has been marked by the pain of a horrible car accident that took her mother when she was a toddler. Jay McAllister, single parent for the past eight years, heeds the call of a neighbor in need of placing a newborn puppy and welcomes Intrepid - a Lab-mix orphan - into his family. Intrepid gains the nickname "Tepid", but her fit into the McAllister household is anything but lukewarm. She helps the family heal from wounds they thought they had left behind years ago, integrating herself into their lives and burrowing into their hearts. She instills belief in Jay, knowledge that hurts can be healed, family can be strengthened, and joy can return even when it has been absent for quite a while.

She also opens his mind to something otherworldly. Together, Jay and Tepid experience the reality that a promise made - between a wife and a husband, between a public servant and his community - can transcend even death itself

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About the Author:
Daniel Weckerly resides in Pennsylvania and shares his life with his wife and kids and his wonderful Labrador Retriever, Parker. He has been writing in a business context for the past 25 years, with "Intrepid" being his first novel. He credits a long-term love of Labradors with his ability to capture in words the humor, honor, and heart of these magnificent dogs, the only breed he has ever owned. You can follow Daniel on Facebook at or or

I really liked this book. I loved the story of a man and his two daughters healing with the help of a puppy. The puppy, the dog's love comes into their lives at a time it's needed.

The puppy comes to them needing major care; bottle feeding, supervision, mothering, training, exercise. The dog's need for exercise leads to nighttime walks in the local cemetery where they scare away pesky geese and pick up water bottles.

They are welcome there.

Other intruders are not; kids on dirt bikes, vandals, muggers. The hero of the first he doesn't face down his fear very well, and then I was perturbed that he takes his dog into the heart of danger, while at the same time I admired his sudden growth of balls didn't have before...but here's where the story gets paranormal. And I'll say no more.

I liked the style of this. It's well told, well written, and engaging. I'd read more by this author, but in the end, I failed to see to how the paranormal activity tied into the dog. Was there a hint of something? Sort of, but I'm uncertain.

Four bikes. I received this from Sizzling PR.

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