Sunday, April 7, 2013

Summons from Abroad by Suzie Grant

Summons from AbroadImagine a blackmailing scheme taking straight into the arms of your designated soul mate...only to risk losing him in all the ruckus.

I'm a big fan of Suzie Grant, but I must confess this one wasn't my favorite..I think because it's a novella and thus, everything comes into place a lot faster and some strings were left untied. Normally, I like novellas, but Suzie writes the kind of tales that need more time. The surprise sister-what was that for? I felt like I missed something.

BUT as always, Ms. Grant delivers a tale full of passion--her sex is hot without crossing that line into porno as I'm sad to say, many authors do nowadays--adventure, intrigue, lies, deceit, secrets, and historical flair.

A blackmail scheme leads Jewel into Randall's arms. Randall is a smuggler--that's the next best thing to a pirate. ;) She's supposed to be his enemy, but things go awry and they end up on the run together--on his ship.

They reach England just in time for Christmas, but will Randall's grandfather, whom Randall is estranged from--come to their aid? They're about to be framed or killed in or over a weapons smuggling issue by an enraged commander who couldn't catch them and will stop at nothing. Randall must make amends with the grandfather while at the same time, protecting his new lady from the bad men.

Not sure why he took her to the of those little things that bugged me.

I found myself thoroughly engrossed, however, and I felt transported to the ship, to cemetery, to the island as they ran away, to the cover where they made love in darkness. Perfect blend of historical detail and description. This story is a great escape from every day life.

Four bikes. I received this from the author in exchange for an honest review, which I delivered.

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