Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Last Gladiatrix by Eva Scott

The Last GladiatrixThis was a superb historical romance adventure. Yes, that's quite a combination.

There's a strong heroine--she can fight just as well as any man, takes down 7 out of 10 barbarians that attack her, before she's captured.

She ends up given as a gift to a Roman senator with greed on his mind--only because he can't bed her without possibly getting something bit off. So when he decides to throw her in the arena, her and Titus, a centurion are thrown together for training...but they fall in love.

This leads to a tricky situation with dire consequences they have to fight to see their way out of...literally.

From soldiers' camp to the Colosseum where blood is spilled on the dirt, to a Roman woman's bed chamber, to a traveling caravan, there's no end to the excitement and action. I especially enjoyed the witty repartee between Xanthe and Titus. They made laugh out loud more than once. I also enjoyed the fighting. Some serious research went into this.

My only quibble is that they fell for each other so fast. However...he is the only man nice to her in a troupe of soldiers who could care less, so I guess it makes sense.

Four bikes. I got this from netgalley. Anyone who wants to read a story that not only transports you, but has a kick-ass heroine for a change (What a wonderful change!!!) this one's for you.

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