Monday, September 16, 2013

Encourage the TV Networks to Bring Back Bomb Girls

Earlier this year, I talked about a TV show on Reelz called Bomb Girls. WWII, women in a bomb factory, love, scandal, secrets, everything! I appreciated this show because it featured women exploring their newfound independence during the war. There was also a side story of how the Italians were treated. 

I'm sad to say that after two seasons, it's not being renewed, but a blog and a group called Save Bomb Girls is attempting to revive it. Here's what you can do, if interested:

Will you have a part in victory? Bomb Girls needs YOU to help pitch the show to other networks and show them just how much of an asset Bomb Girls would be among their 2014/15 lineup.

Fan efforts may be rewarded, because everyone who enters the Victory Garden Contest gets the chance to win a Bomb Girls Season 1 DVD, 2 scripts signed by the creators, novel ‘Beware this Boy’ signed by author Maureen Jennings and an official Bomb Girls gym bag.

See or visit the FB page for more details.

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