Thursday, September 5, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Jennifer from Sekhmet's Guardians

Series: Sekhmet's Guardians
Author: V.S. Nelson
Heroine: Jennifer

Jennifer wasn’t always a strong independent heroine. Born in poverty and raised by her Native American grandmother she learned at an early age to hide her unique abilities. She constantly reminded herself to fit in.

At twenty four, she learned the truth of her heritage and grasped the reality she wasn’t the only one who was different. Finally she was free to embrace her Selkie self. Now there is no stopping her. Weighing less than 100 pounds she’ll stand up to anyone, including her 280 pound, 6’8” warrior husband.

By the time the readers get to Eternal Blades, book three in Sekhmet’s Guardians, Jennifer has masterminded a plan to lead her lady friends into a never ending war. No longer content to stay safe within the confines of the estate, Jennifer enlists the assistance of her friends and forms a unique fighting unit, one made up of women only.

About the series
Sekhmet’s Guardians, an unusual twist of Egyptian, European and Native American mythologies come alive near the shores of modern day Lake Michigan.

Eternal Lovers - Book One – Sekhmet’s Guardians
Eternal Lovers (Sekhmet's Guardians #1)Jennifer, a young Native American, is confronted with the reality, not everything is as it seems and things do go bump in the night. The questions she has long since asked are answered in this epic tale of self discovery when she meets Gabriel, the director of Guardians Incorporated.
Born in New Tuat, Netchkhet, now known as Gabriel came to Earth some five thousand years ago to protect the human race. Disillusioned by an unfulfilled prophecy, he has become cold and distant – even from those of his kind. He secretly waits for his enemy to take his head so he may leave this world for good. Can a tiny Selkie melt his hardened heart and restore his faith in a power far greater than himself?

When history repeats itself, can he save her from death’s embrace or will they be robbed of a future again?

Eternal Nights – Book Two – Sekhmet’s Guardians
Eternal Nights (Sekhmet's Guardians #2)No one knew of Jessica’s existence, not even her sister, Jennifer, until the ghost of her grandmother appears and tells Jennifer the truth. In a plea for redemption, she asks Jen to free her baby sister from the magic performed long ago.
Although Jen was unaware of Jessica’s presence, Jessica has remained content, being by her side since her birth some twenty years ago, until she lays eyes on Raphael. Now, she too, struggles to be free and be the woman she was always meant to be. To walk on two legs with arms to hold him is more than she can hope for.

Eternal Blades – Book Three – Sekhmet’s Guardians (coming Fall, 2013)
Jennifer and the ladies of the estate are attacked by Set’s Legions while enjoying a day of relaxation on the water of Lake Michigan. After the attack, Jennifer is convinced she can no longer remain an observer in the Guardian’s never end war. She enlists the help of her lady friends to assist her in her ultimate plan, to form a unique all-female fighting unit. She along with her sister and Tshering Snow, a new comer to the estate, set off on a secret mission to rescue several abducted children. Sadly, their plan backfires. When they are taken hostage by Set’s Legions Jennifer is confronted by their leader, Bagsu, Gabriel’s identical twin brother. Will she be able to convenience him to set them free or have her actions set in motion an all out war which will cost the lives of hundreds?

Quick intro to the ladies of the estate. “the Blades.”

Jennifer, their leader. Half human – half Selkie, married to Gabriel, the leader of the Guardians.
Jessica, Jennifer’s mute sister. The youngest of the ladies, lifemated to Raphael
Alice, Jennifer’s best friend, a human is lifemated to Mick. She thinks shopping is a competitive sport.
Marie, born from Spanish royalty, she is lifemated to Keith and although human she is over 300 years old.
Kathleen, a blood born immortal, lifemated to Bryan.
Allison, a blood born immortal ballet dancer. She is destined to be lifemated to Alan, a one time member of Set’s Legions.
Jasmine, a human belly dancer of Lebanese and Egyptian decent she lives with Ronan, Jennifer and Jessica’s full-blooded Selkie father.
Tshering Snow. It is soon discovered Tshering is not just another human. Being born in the Himalayans she is half human, half Were-tiger and can shift her appearance at will.
Katy, a call-girl from one of Thomas’ clubs is rescued by the Guardians and remains at the estate with her daughter. 

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  1. Thank you for hosting me and the gals today. An added note, Eternal Blades will be released on the first of Novemeber.

  2. I read Jennifer's story and loved her growth arc. Good choice!

    1. Thank you Mimi! Jennifer's story continues to grow throughout the entire series. Hope you enjoy her upcoming adventures. Always, V