Thursday, September 12, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Elizabeth Thompson

Book: Falling in Love Again
Author: Loretta C. Rogers
Heroine: Elizabeth Thompson

Falling in Love Again is different in the fact that the heroine and hero are married, which is a bit unusual for romance novels.

What makes the heroine, Elizabeth Thompson, strong? Although she is the wife of Marine Captain, Kevin Thompson, Elizabeth isn't the typical heroine. She battles depression, and like most wives, she doesn't give herself enough credit for her own abilities. But, when another Marine wife deliberately bullies a young pregnant woman by mimicking the girl's southern drawl and making fun of her pregnancy weight, belittles another wife who is overweight, and also disses the Marines,  Elizabeth puts on her big girl panties and stands nose-to-nose to the bully. On base, there is an unspoken code--Marine wives don't cry, especially in public. When her husband deploys to Afghanistan, for the second time, Elizabeth squares her shoulders and defies the code. Instead of sinking into the dark bowels of depression, she draws on an inner-strength where she acts rather than being acted upon. She exercises, takes college classes, and earns a teaching degree.

Falling in Love AgainElizabeth isn't willowy or curvaceous, or even classily beautiful. She is overweight. What makes Elizabeth sexy--she's not afraid to make her dreams come true. She is kind and gentle, but has an inner strength that reveals itself throughout the story. Elizabeth is a heroine that is relatable to women readers.

Marine Captain Kevin Thompson risks his life in Afghanistan. When his best friend is wounded during a terrorists attack, Kevin wonders if there is more to life than war. During his darkest moments, his thoughts of Elizabeth and returning home keep him emotionally strong. Elizabeth copes with the daily fears of facing life without her husband. How will she ever deal with it should he not return? Turning to other military wives brings her some comfort, but only the arms of her husband will calm the terror she deals with on a daily basis. Falling in Love Again gives readers a unique and realistic look of what happens on the front lines of battle, and delves into life on a Marine military base, the relationships wives form with one another, and the heartaches they share.

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  1. I love this profile of the atypical heroine! Inspiring and realistic...

    1. Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment, Sydell.

  2. Good for you, Loretta, for stepping outside the box to create a strong heroine. Fantastic cover.

  3. I was a little hesitate to write the heroine as a realistic woman. I'm happy the editor liked her. Thanks for dropping by, Sandy, and leaving a comment.

  4. Love the book & the cover! Great job, Loretta.