Sunday, September 29, 2013

Royalist Rebel by Anita Seymour

Royalist RebelI know next to nothing about the English Civil War and the Charles vs the Puritans thing...until now, now that I've read this. This novel shows us that war from the Royalist side from the eyes of Elizabeth Murray. Because her father was Charles's whipping boy and now part of the court, her family endures much abuse at the hands of the rebels. They face constant threat of losing their lands, harassment at every turn, and live in fear.

But that doesn't stop these ladies from speaking sharply and also, carrying royal secrets...and by these ladies I mean Elizabeth and her mother.

Elizabeth comes off as a tad unlikable at times, I won't lie. She's scathing toward her cousin. I didn't much like how she treated the servants, but it's to be expected for that time period. And as this is based on a real woman, well, you can't change the lady's personality!

I actually liked her though. I liked how she continuously stood up to the rebels when they showed up, how she was willing to marry to save her family home and help her family. She didn't become petulant or whiny. She knew what needed to be done.

If you're interested in the reign of Charles II, in Cromwell's army and rise to power, (this is the beginning stages), how Parliament took over, what families faced during this time, or in the downfall of the monarchy during this time period, this is an entertaining way to learn about it. I especially enjoyed the brief bits about Prince Rupert?? I hope I'm writing down his name right. I lost my highlights. LOL He's a prince who is said to take his dog into battle. Oh, just read it.

Anyway, this novel, this heroine, is a prime example of showing strength by standing up for what you believe in and saving your family even at the loss of your own happiness.

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