Thursday, September 26, 2013

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Jessica Sales & Debbi Overstreet

Book: Ice Queen: A Jessica Sales Novel/Spy Catcher
Author: Lindsay Downs
Heroines: Jessica Sales & Debbi Overstreet

What makes a heroine sexy?
Is it her physical appearance? Tall but not too tall. Exotic eyes guaranteed to melt a man’s heart with a sultry glance. Long, shoulder length hair soft to the touch. A figure even the highest paid models would have killed for.
Or maybe how she moves? gracefully with an air of confidence in her stride.
What about the way she dresses? Functionally fashionable.
What if it’s really none of these?
Let’s take a look at two of my heroines, Jessica Sales from A Jessica Sales Novel contemporary romantic suspense series. The first, Ice Queen released on June 14. Then Miss. Debbi Overstreet, a lady’s maid, the daughter of a Countess, who marries a Baron in Spy Catcher, a regency romantic suspense released in July. Both from Secret Cravings Publishing.
When I created Jessica one thing I was looking to do was make her forgettable at the same time someone people would remember. This, usually, with deadly results for the unlucky few. Here are two examples of what I mean. They’re taken from different parts of the book and I’ll let you decide if she’s sexy or not.
Don’t forget having a sexy heroine isn’t always in the physical.

Example 1- “Yep, and if you don’t want to sing with the Vienna Boys Choir, I’d suggest you remove your hand. Oh,” she paused to let the words sink into his lecherous brain, “and look down if you don’t believe me.”

Example 2- Cold, calculating one minute. The next, hot enough to melt the polar ice cap with a smoldering glance. Behind her soft green eyes with their intriguing sparkle, he knew was a woman of enormous drive and energy. Either in the business world, which was her reason for being here, or a more comfortable, private setting, a place he planned on having her.
He flexed his fingers as he watched the sun dance off her hair, creating a mixture of silver to pure white colors as a warm breeze gently tossed about the strands. Soft, tempting to the touch he speculated how it would feel as he combed his fingers through it as it lay splayed out on the red satin covered pillows of his bed.

Now let’s take a look at Miss Debbi Overstreet, the heroine in Spy Catcher. Since this is a regency many more proprieties need to be taken when writing the story. BTW- this book hasn’t gone to edits as of yet so there might be a few mistakes.
This is when the hero sees the heroine for the first time-

Example 1-“This couldn’t possibly be the companion Thomas was talking about. She’s much too young and pretty.”

From the angle he was watching them greeted by Whitchurch’s offspring, it would appear the other woman was known to them as well.

With the skill of an artist he studied her. Slim but not too as the traveling gown gracing her hugged her curves suggested. From under her fashionable bonnet he observed wisps of blonde hair tossed about by the gentle breeze.

He wondered what colour her eyes were; blue, green, hazel or brown. With her lips, so pleasingly full and turned up slightly at the corners, he wagered passion would fill her beautiful orbs when kissed. Something he wagered he’d be doing before weeks end. 

Now, what  sexier than rescuing the man you love from being killed.

Example 2-She leaned forward and gave her horse a pat on the neck. “Girl, looks like we’re going to set a new record for ourselves. Think you’re up to it.”

It was almost as if her mount understood as Debbi watched the mare nod in agreement. Changing course she increased the distance to the jump, looking back until she was satisfied Debbi wheeled around. She slipped the sword from her skirt throwing off the scabbard, then settled the hilt comfortable in her right hand. Debbi then set her horse into a full gallop within three paces.

As the jump rushed toward her, Debbi calculated where to ask for the horse to engage its hindquarters. At the selected spot she sat deep in the saddle and touched the mare with her heel and used the side of the blade as her crop.

Debbi smiled as the mare responded like it was something she did on a regular basis. As they cleared the jump Debbi risked a glance down and saw Gerrard tied with the younger Thompson holding a knife to his throat.

The brief sight of her beloveds life being threatened caused Debbi to so something she’d never done. No sooner were the four hooves on solid ground did she rein the mare in. Without waiting for a complete stop she turned the horse and leaned over the mare’s neck. With her right arm extended as she’d seen the cavalry do, she charged Thompson who was now running for his life, having abandoned Gerrard.

So folks, having a sexy heroine isn’t only physical but what she does.

Are you an author with a strong heroine in your book? Want to see her featured? Find out how here.

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