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Q & A With Kaye Michelle, Author of Return of the Heroine. What Inspired Her to Resuscitate Joan of Arc?

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1. What inspired you to write the book?

My fascination with Joan of Arc and my brief stay at West Point as a cadet back in 1980 lead me to write a story about how powerful historical figures can serve at real-time inspiration for modern-day heroic actions large and small.

2. Why did you choose to write about a West Point cadet and military sexual assault?

I chose a female West Point cadet as a modern-day heroine based upon my brief stay at West Point in 1980. Military sexual assault is one of the largest cultural problems we face today as a nation and the world, and I felt we needed a larger than life heroine's voice, like Joan of Arc, to help spread the word and gather women and men together to put an end to these insidious crimes.

3. Why did you write about Joan of Arc?

Joan of Arc exists as an icon of strength and courage for both men and women. I felt the modern-day issue of military sexual assault needed a leader of her magnitude to beak through the current status quo and inspire
positive changes.

4. How is this historical figure applicable to today's women? Joan of Arc appears in songs, movies, and is mentioned as a brave heroine in countless writings. Women and men continue to derive inspiration, strength and courage from her ideal as the breakthrough heroine.
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5. How is the veil of time accessed and why is it integral to the book?

Jung talked about the collective unconscious as a source of information available to everyone. By tapping into a particular archetype, in this case Joan of Arc as a heroine, we potentially gain the character traits, and in some cases, the knowledge inherent from that archetype.

6. How might this book be a call to action for everyday acts of heroism? My modern-day heroine, Jane Archer, breaks through the old archetype of martyr-hero and shows us that all of us must take action when called to do so for the greater good of all, without coming to harm. She shows us that if we work together—no one needs to go it alone—we can make smart choices, keep ourselves safe, and make the difference needed in the world today.

7. What will readers like most about the book? Readers will enjoy the rich detail in which I portray Joan of Arc and her modern-day cohort, Jane Archer. We follow alongside Jane’s rise in power at West Point and cheer her on as she reclaims some of the power Joan lost due to her long incarceration, trial, and early death (being burned at the stake at 19 years of age).

8. Will it appeal to men and women?

Everyone who enjoys a fast-moving tale with excitement, suspense and romance will enjoy this book! Men and women will savor the rich detail in both heroes’ journeys within the book. If you like reading about triumphing through life challenges both large and small, then this book would appeal to you.

Return of the HeroineFor Joan of Arc, it was about surviving in a man's world. Nearly six hundred years later, at West Point, not much has changed.

One of the greatest heroines of all time returns and reveals the wisdom she received from Archangel Michael. "When you dare to commit to your deepest desires, your heart grows to accommodate the task at hand, no matter how daunting," Archangel Michael advises Joan of Arc before she embarks on a mission that will change the course of history. With only eleven days left to live, she must take yet another leap of faith, surrender to the guidance of Archangel Michael, and set the record straight to ensure those in the future know the truth.

Her legacy reaches across the veil of time to awaken the heroine in all women. And for one twenty-first-century woman, Jane Archer, a West Point cadet, it means finding the courage to expose a cultural crime that has been disempowering women for centuries. In the process, she must learn to trust her own inner guidance.

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