Sunday, May 4, 2014

Black Book: Shocking & Revealing Movie Following a A Jewish Spy in WWII

A shocking movie. The ending really surprised me. I didn't see that coming, the person responsible. 

The 411: A Jewish girl in hiding joins the Dutch Resistance and becomes a spy. She infiltrates the Nazi offices using the timeless method: sex.

When you watch WWII movies or read WWII books, they always take place in England, Germany, France, America, or Italy. I can't say I know much about what was happening in Denmark. Apparently it was occupied by the Germans and a resistance was in the background. In this movie, we see some of the more underhanded stuff, such as wealthy Jews being promise safe passage over the border, only to be set up for murder in order to steal their jewels and money.

Determined to get to the bottom of who is responsible for the murder of her family and wanting to aid the Resistance in any way possible, Rachel does what she must--sleeps with the head of the German SS and frankly doesn't seem too bothered by it. And here lies a quibble: I wasn't bothered by the sex, not at all. Though this is rare for me to say, the sexual scenes were actually quite tasteful and added to the story though they were more revealing than American films. What I was put off by was how quickly this chick falls in love with a Nazi. Idiot!

I think some Americans will be shocked by some of the content, but it was life then. It's what was happening. This is based on a true story and women did what they had to survive and get what they needed. I could have done without the full frontal view of that one Nazi pig though. EW.

I also didn't buy into that sexual encounter with the doctor. Seemed out of place.

But wow, was this movie exciting, as betrayal after betrayal happens and even though I already know the outcome of the war, watching this movie, I began to wonder if the Nazis were going to win. Who is revealing the Resistance's plans? Who is constantly betraying everyone? Why? And go figure, our heroine ends up blamed...

Also a surprising thing to me is the way people behaved when the war was won. It wasn't quite over for some people, for the women who slept with Nazis for whatever reason, for the people deemed traitors by the Resistance, whether they really were or not...

I have another major complaint though: This film is Dutch with English Subtitles, but at times they speak English--such as when the Canadians come. There's this huge scene with the Nazi Muntze....I have no clue what exactly went wrong for that man. It was all in English with NO SUBTITLES OR CAPTIONING. 


But I recommend this. It was def interesting. And this actress, Carice van Houten, is really something.

I bought this DVD on Amazon.

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