Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Scent of Murder (Dr. Dody McCleland #3) by Felicity Young

The Scent of Murder (Dr Dody McCleland, #3)Yet another awesome installment in this series. I liked this one even more than the last. In this story, my favorite historical medical examiner is on a vacation that goes terribly awry…in the form of a set of bones, a lord up to no good with the ladies, and a workhouse where bad things are happening to poor children. It’s Dr. Dody to the rescue.

And we mustn’t forget about Pike. Her love interest, the inspector, is back, and with him he brings the early days of gun forensics/ballistics. It’s obvious to me that the author did a massive amount of research for this story and I appreciate it. I love to learn new things while being entertained and this book did not disappoint. I not only learned the early method of ballistics, but also got an eye-opening look at life in the workhouse for unprotected children.

Ms. Young doesn’t stop there though. In this installment she also tackles sexual assault and its aftereffects on the victims.

It’s history, mystery, a pinch of romance, and a dash of education in one exciting novel. And at the heart of it is an incredibly strong and admirable heroine. Please, publisher, keep this series coming, and do continue to make it available to us in the U.S., even if only on Kindle. I enjoyed this immensely. I probably don’t have to add that it is extremely well written, but there you go.

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