Thursday, May 1, 2014

Strong is Sexy Heroine of the Week: Amanda Katt

Book: Dead Links
Author: Nigel Mitchell
Heroine: Amanda Katt

Amanda Katt is an African American freelance journalist who pursues a deadly conspiracy on the Internet. She's strong because as an African American woman, she's overcome racism to become one of the best investigative journalists in the business. She also has survived attacks and threats in the course of her work, and remained on top. She's also strong in surviving the murder of her father, which causes her to pursue justice in all forms. Katt is sexy because she's beautiful, but also kind and warm with a tenderness beneath her tough exterior.

Investigative journalist Amanda Katt's engagement takes a strange turn when her fiancee becomes obsessed with Araknee, one of the most popular websites ever made. As she investigates, Katt discovers others have fallen under the spell of the website, and the owners of rival websites are dying under mysterious circumstances. When Amanda tries to uncover the secret of Araknee, she finds herself drawn into a conspiracy that could threaten the world.

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