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Gearing Up for the New Year with Nona Raines *adults only*

**This post is for adults only.** 

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Most of us look at the New Year as a chance for new beginnings. Isn't that what New Year's resolutions are all about?  Whether we're promising ourselves we'll lose weight, save more money, or get to bed earlier, the New Year offers a clean slate where we can all get a fresh start.

Many different countries have New Year's celebrations. To celebrate Hogmanay in Scotland, neighbors and friends visit each other shortly after midnight. The first person to set foot inside the door should be a tall dark man (like our favorite romance heroes?) to bring good luck all year.   This is known as "first-footing".  The song "Auld Lang Syne" that we're all so familiar with was inspired by a Scottish folksong and transcribed by the famous Scots poet Robert Burns and published in 1796. It became popularized by Canadian born bandleader Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians, who first played played it at the Roosevelt Hotel in 1929.

In Japan, Buddhist temples strike their gongs 108 times at midnight, December 31, symbolically to get rid of 108 kinds of human sin and weakness. Shogatsu (or Oshogatsu) is considered the most important holiday in Japan. People send New Years cards to friends and relatives and parties are given to "forget" the old year and start the coming year anew.

Certain foods are associated with the New Year, as well. In Spain, it's customary to eat twelve grapes as the clock strikes midnight, to ensure twelve happy months in the coming year. In Greece, New Year's Day is also St. Basil's Day. A special cake is made with a coin or token inside. Whoever gets the lucky piece is assured a fortunate new year. In the southern U.S., a dish of black eyed peas known as Hoppin' John is prepared and eaten to bring luck in the new year.

A New Year can also bring a chance for new love.  Jordan and Kyla, two of the main characters in my latest book His and Hers and Hers are in love and totally committed to each other. They're surprised, then, to find themselves attracted to someone new, their friend Cassie. But can they be honest about their feelings without hurting each other? And if they invite Cassie into their relationship, how will their love be changed?

Here's a little more about the story:
Kyla Denster and Jordan Brougham are passionately in love. Kyla knows she's lucky to have a guy who uses all his tricks to keep her happy in and out of bed. Jordan knows he's lucky to have such a hot, adventurous girlfriend.

But neither of them knows that their best friend, Cassie DeSantis, wants them both. Cassie's painful past has taught her not to wear her heart on her sleeve.  She keeps quiet, afraid that revealing her feelings would mean losing the two people she cares for most.  Things change one night when an impulsive kiss leads to the three of them spending an incredibly hot night together.

When the couple wants more of Cassie, she leaps at the chance to be with them. But problems arise at her insistence that no one mention the L word and when Jordan and Kyla clash over how to deal with disapproving family.  Their triad relationship will only survive if they all stand together to prove that three is the perfect number—when all three are in love.

     Excerpt from His and Hers and Hers: *ADULTS ONLY*
     She heard Jordan’s low rumble and Ky’s giggle. Then Kyla’s voice came from the doorway. “Cassie.”
     Cassie’s mouth went dry. Kyla stood there wearing nothing but a tiny black thong and an impish grin. Her hard brown nipples pointed straight at Cassie and her generous breasts begged to be caressed and kissed. Cassie’s own nipples tightened in response.
     Kyla’s eyes flashed as though she knew exactly how turned on Cassie was. Her smile hitched a little higher. “Dessert is now being served. In the bedroom.”
     Cassie pushed back her chair and rose, her body tingling with anticipation. Kyla beckoned her with a crooked finger and Cassie followed her down the hall. When they reached the bedroom, Kyla stopped.
     “One thing. Entrance here requires special dress. Or undress, I should say.” She smiled. “Let me help.”
     Ky assisted as Cassie stepped out of her shoes, socks, and pants and peeled off her top. When she stood only in her bra and panties, Ky stepped in close. “I’ll undo your bra.” Her warm breath tickled Cassie’s neck, her bare breasts, and hard brown nipples teased Cassie’s skin as she wrapped her arms around Cass and unfastened her bra.
     “You can keep those on…” Ky traced her finger down the seam of Cassie’s pink bikini panties. “For now.”
     Cream drenched her pussy at the wicked promise in Kyla’s tease. Ky took her hand and drew her through the doorway. “Come on.”
     Jordan sat on the bed, in a pair of black briefs, already distended by his rising cock. Dark hair dusted his chest, and Cassie’s fingers itched to feel its texture, and the warm skin underneath. More than that, she wanted to caress the bulge that grew bigger the more she stared. His green eyes were bright, his expression dreamy. His smile, the smile she loved, still hitched up a little higher in one corner. “Hey, Cass. Ready for dessert?”

Poor Cassie.  She doesn't know how to let down her guard. She's had a rough upbringing and has been hurt so many times she's erected a tough wall around her heart. She's someone who truly needs to "forget the old year" and cleanse the hurtful memories of the past so she can begin a new year, and a new life, with a clean slate and a whole heart.

We're still in the midst of the holiday season, and I hope everyone reading this has a joyful time with family and friends. Thanks again, Tara, for having me here. And I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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