Monday, December 10, 2012

Rock Idol by Veronica Tower

Confession: I don't watch reality shows. I don't watch TV, period. But I am, oddly, really enjoying this Reality With a Twist series. Perhaps I love the same juicy stuff as everyone else, it just needs to be in written form for me?

This was yet another surprise fantastic read from this series. At first, I thought, just sounds like an average romance, just takes place on a singing TV show... it's actually a lot more.

Ember Blaze saw her career go down the crapper. She was one of those teen stars who belted out a couple of hit songs and then met cocaine. She's been given another chance by being a judge on Rock Idol. She loves her job, loves helping aspiring stars find their voice.

Rock Idol (Reality With A Twist)
But something can mess it all up, or I should say someones... Rick is a contestant with the hots for her, and bit by bit, Ember finds him harder to resist, despite the age difference between them. BUT, the head honcho of the show doesn't want anything scandalous going on and when a fellow judge (who, you could say, wishes to divert attention from her own issues or merely take someone else down with her or place blame) decides Ember has to go, Ember could very well lose her job. Their romance is pretty hard to keep under wraps.

Mitch...omg, he made me laugh so much with his nasty comments. LOL. 

There's more steam than actual sex, there's drug use and its consequences--both temporary and long term--there's great musical advice and food for thought. I actually found myself learning things I'd never even thought about regarding rock music, performances, talent, etc.

It was one of those reads I picked up and honestly didn't want to put it down. I found myself trying to read it in one sitting, until my eyes grew heavy or I realized dinner just wouldn't make itself. I wanted to know what happened next so darned bad.

I thought the heroine's POV could use more emotion at times. I mean, I knew what she was feeling, but didn't FEEL it with her, if that makes sense, but I can't say it bothered me enough to detract a star.

Good, solid, fun read. I look forward to the next in this series.

Five bikes. I received this from Sizzling PR in exchange for an honest review.

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