Sunday, December 9, 2012

Second Chance Christmas by Dahlia DeWinters

From one Christmas to the next, it's amazing what can happen, and in this case, the heroine's life changes drastically. Can a second chance Christmas erase the bad memories of the first?

Naomi is house sitting, and she's not 100% recovered from an emotional break down. But when her illegal movie downloading leads to almost frying someone else's computer, she must call a computer service for help, never mind it's Christmas Eve. And a man from her past swoops in to the rescue.

The story is filled with surprising quirks of humor and sarcasm. Loved the way the heroine thought and I smiled more than once at her wit. so sweet. I give major thumbs up to this author for NOT doing the overdone to death alpha male. I'm so sick of alpha males. Thank you, Ms. DeWinters!

The sex is sensual and vivid without once ever crossing that fine line from erotica into porn. I felt the love and desire radiating off the page and never once grew uncomfortable or squeamish.

My favorite part is a brief mention about the Japanese, pottery, gold and silver, and cracks. It was awesome, and the message it conveyed was one we would all do well to remember. *I don't wish to ruin the surprise for anyone.*

My quibble: The heroine's emotional breakdown was never made clear to me. I couldn't figure out, really, WHY she did what she did. I never once got the impression she loved the man in the beginning so why did she react as she did? *Again, no spoilers here.*

Four bikes. I received this from the author with no strings attached.

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  1. Sounds like a good read. Thanks for sharing. :)