Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Micah's Island by Shari Copell

Micah's IslandI'm not that into erotica. Too much of it focuses on sex, sex, and more sex, and next to no story OR the story is something swiped and decimated from Nora Roberts--done 5,000 times before.

Shari Copell didn't do that. Oh, she has sex, but the story is so unique. I've never read anything like it.

It's like Tarzan and Jane, but Jane is this young girl with an incredible narrative voice who ends up on an island because her uncle wants her dead and the ship of his crony sinks instead...and she ends up on this island with this gorgeous, innocent Tarzan...Micah.

It's very unique and well done with a strong voice. I appreciated her decision to stay on the island, to not go back to a snot-faced society. Haven't we all imaged that at some time or another? I love Micah and it made me think of how wonderful people can be if they were tainted by TV, society, and taught to be...not the themselves.

There's adventure, sex, love, emotion, and intense moments--on the ship, on the island-- and lots of suspense. Will her uncle find her? Will she be kidnapped again?

I had no quibbles until the ending. I thought a mostly smart chick suddenly became stupid (I'm not going to say more than that, as it would ruin the story and be spoiler). I also wondered...well, why not kill the man when he's sleeping? It didn't make sense to me, some of her and Micah's behavior.

But I recommend this. It's a great read when you need an adventurous, sexy quickie with deeper meanings.

I was sent this by the author for an honest review.

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