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My Ever-Growing TBR Pile 10/26/2013

The Girl in the Yellow VestSpotted on NG and on my wishlist: The Girl in the Yellow Vest by Loretta Hill. I haven't read the first two yet, but I have one of them in paperback. Just gotta get the review required ones out of the way first. I love that her books are women in male-dominated fields.

Emily Woods counts cracks for a living. Concrete cracks. So when her long-term boyfriend dumps her, she decides it’s time for a change of scenery. Her best friend, Will, suggests joining his construction team in Queensland. Working next door to the Great Barrier Reef seems like just the sort of adventure she needs to reboot her life…until she realises that Will is not the person she thought he was.

Charlotte Templeton is frustrated with the lack of respect FIFO workers have for her seaside resort. But picking a fight with their tyrannical project manager, Mark Crawford, seems to lead to more complications than resolutions. The man is too pompous, too rude, and too damned good looking.

As both women strive to protect their dreams and achieve their goals, they discover that secrets will come out, loyalty often hurts, and sometimes the perfect man is the wrong one.


Better Days to Come*Check Amazon to see if the following two are still free. I believe I downloaded these Wednesday, so no telling.* FREEBIES on Kindle this last week that caught my attention: Better Days to Come by Jenny Telfer Chaplin. Glasgow, 1820.

With her mother dead and her father a hopeless drunk, Etta Gorton slaves away every day in a factory to feed her younger siblings.

Forced to stand on her own two feet she has grown up fiercely independent.

So she finds it hard to fit in with a Scotland that sees women as subservient to men.

In a moment of anger she declares she will belong to ‘no man’. And this angry outburst leads to her being stalked and assaulted by one of the men she challenged.

Disgusted with her body and left with the growing shame of an unwanted pregnancy she is tempted to end it all by jumping into the River Clyde.

But as she gazes into the water she catches a glimpse of Better Days to Come…

Can Etta push past the limitations of her sex to create a new life for herself?

Or is she too far ahead of her time?


The Lost HeartsAnd this one: The Lost Hearts by Maya Wood. The year 1937 hasn’t been very kind to Alexis Scott. A bookish, Harvard anthropology student, she’s dodged mass scrutiny by hiding in the Boston Society of Natural History for the last seven years. Sure, she’s been lonely. But at least life in the margins is familiar, even comfortable. And what about Philip? Handsome, charming, obscenely rich, he’s the only man who’s ever accepted her eccentricities, even if she can’t quite figure him out. These are the convincing inflections of uncertainty as Alexis boards the Oceanic, a transatlantic ship that will take her to the remote island of New Guinea where she is to locate a lost tribe.

On the island, Alexis hires a guide to lead her through the nearly impenetrable jungle of New Guinea. Trevor McFadden isn’t exactly the ideal travel companion she needs on this expedition. He might be attractive in a nail-biting, visceral kind of way, but he’s short-tempered, coarse, and frequently cruel. So why does he get under her skin? Trevor pushes, and Alexis pushes back as they navigate the sodden terrain of the southern Highlands, replete with humorous cultural gaffes, first contact with insulated tribes, treacherous encounters with wildlife, and sinister characters.

As harrowing as it is poignant, The Lost Hearts is a tale of romance and perseverance in the face of self-doubt. It’s a story for anyone who’s ever been given the chance to live up to their wildest dreams.

On my wishlist is the following trilogy about three triplets, all pilots:

Born to Fly, Logan's Lady, and Loving Carlie by Becky Barker. I spotted these on Amazon.

Born To Fly (Prescott Pilots)Sharla Prescott is a pilot dedicated to her profession. She doesn't want any man telling her she has to curtail her career to be a wife and lover. When she meets Reed Connors, a man who appreciates her independent nature and has no desire to change her ways, things get very steamy very quickly. Neither of them is interested in a serious, long-term commitment. But when they face death together suddenly there are no more rules and nothing will ever be the same again...

Logan's Lady (Prescott Pilots, #2)Logan Bradford was everything Dee Prescott wanted in a man. He was a successful, independent rancher, a virile, sensitive lover and a true romantic. They shared a brief, passionate affair until Dee told him of her commitment to the family's air charter service. He walked away and left her emotionally wounded.

She didn't think she could ever forgive him, but then she learned his tragic secret. His actions suddenly made sense, and she realized he needed her more than she'd thought possible. Dee vowed to help him overcome his past and show him that with a love like theirs...the sky's the limit.

Loving Carlie Carlie is a pilot for her family's air charter service based on their Virginia plantation. She's wildly attracted to her ex-brother-in-law, but her painful teenage marriage with his brother left her wounded and wary.

Michael Trehearn loved Carlie long before he introduced her to his big brother. It tore him apart when they married and hurt him even more to learn of his brother's abusive behavior. Years later, he hires on with the Prescott's Air Charter service to win her back. First, he needs to convince her it's safe to love again, and that he can be trusted with her heart.

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