Friday, October 4, 2013

Pursued (Athena Force #5) by Catherine Mann

Pursued  (Silhouette Bombshell, #18)What a fun, exciting book!!! It has everything a reader could possibly want: an amazing, determined woman fighter pilot, a sexy biker, a story involving planes, pilots, the military, and revenge...

The flying scenes were incredible, heart-pounding actually, especially in the end. I also learned a lot about the Predator, a plane I'm not that familiar with. It's a plane that flies via "remote control" but the pilot is in a real cockpit using virtual data. It's a plane used for spying, digital spying with pictures and video feed. It sometimes has an actual person sitting in the plane ready to override should anything go wrong.

This was interesting to me. I was afraid I was getting a fluff book with this Silhouette Bombshell mass-marked paperback, but it's def not fluff. It's a real story with real interesting stuff.

Anyway, Josie is a fighter pilot and one of the elite graduates of Athena Academy, a school that turns out kick-ass women. She wants to continue her mother's work and prove the Predator can be improved. But someone wants to stop her...and while Diego is a contractor hired to "look over her shoulder", they end up involved and in some life-threatening circumstances.

I really enjoyed it. My only quibble is there's a sidestory involving a dead Athena classmate and apparently you have to read like all seven books in the series to get the answer. I didn't know that when I nabbed this book on PBS.

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